Top Tips For Layering Jewellery

Top Tips For Layering Jewellery

 Once you master the art of effortlessly layering you will realise you can never wear too much jewellery. Layering pieces can be a powerful way to dress up any look and once you figure out what pieces to put together, you can definitely stand out and look edgy. 

Necklaces with different lengths are the go-to combinations paired with chains with different styles. Our personal favourite go-to look is a simple choker paired with a lariat and pendant necklaces that are worn in different lengths.

We think concentrating on certain parts work best, whether that's going for layered necklaces or rings or stacking bracelets and earrings. You want your finished look to be neat, not look messy or overbearing. We have put some tips together for you to master the art of layering.


Here are our key tips!

1. Don't create a look that looks crowded, keep things looking balanced with the spacing and lengths being the main factor. (Maze necklaces all come with adjustable lengths)

2. Think about your outfit, a simple outfit is perfect for layering jewellery. If your outfit is bold, think carefully about the pieces you put together.

3. Make sure you wear are a mix of styles from minimal to statement. This can range from a mix of styles consisting of chokers, chains, and pendant necklaces.

4. Have fun! Create looks by mix and matching and every look will look different.


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