Introducing Maze Jewellery

Maze is a jewellery brand, created to deliver our signature fine and fashion jewellery pieces. These minimal designs are stylish, sleek and affordable.
Inspiration was taken from the runway for the new generation of the modern woman, ready to transition from day to evening. Each piece is designed exquisitely to be minimal, yet allow women to effortlessly accessorise and express their story.
Our online store aims to deliver quality pieces that are on trend, fashion-forward and completely affordable.
How is Maze Jewellery different?
We are different because we deliver products that are easy-to-wear and stylish. Affordable jewellery brands are hard to find and to make sure we accommodate everyone, we have created a mix & match page for rings.
We all buy a pack of rings because of 2 or 3 rings we absolutely love, right? With Maze jewellery you can add a minimum of 3 rings or more to your pack and receive 20% off your whole ring selection. This way you chose the rings you love and also make a saving; that’s a win-win situation.
Our Focus.
Our focus is you.
Maze has created minimal, classic, statement pieces to suit everyone. Our team works to bring the best in the game, with our prices affordable and quality high. We are a brand for the modern woman and are products are #MazeAprroved

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